RGW Module

The rgw module helps with bootstraping and configuring RGW realm and the different related entities.


The rgw module is enabled with:

ceph mgr module enable rgw

RGW Realm Operations

Bootstrapping RGW realm creates a new RGW realm entity, a new zonegroup, and a new zone. It configures a new system user that can be used for multisite sync operations, and returns a corresponding token. It sets up new RGW instances via the orchestrator.

It is also possible to create a new zone that connects to the master zone and synchronizes data to/from it.

Realm Credentials Token

A new token is created when bootstrapping a new realm, and also when creating one explicitly. The token encapsulates the master zone endpoint, and a set of credentials that are associated with a system user. Removal of this token would remove the credentials, and if the corresponding system user has no more access keys, it is removed.


ceph rgw realm bootstrap

Create a new realm + zonegroup + zone and deploy rgw daemons via the orchestrator. Command returns a realm token that allows new zones to easily join this realm

ceph rgw zone create

Create a new zone and join existing realm (using the realm token)

ceph rgw zone-creds create

Create new credentials and return a token for new zone connection

ceph rgw zone-creds remove

Remove credentials and/or user that are associated with the specified token

ceph rgw realm reconcile

Update the realm configuration to match the orchestrator deployment

ceph rgw admin [*]

RGW admin command